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Studio Etiquette


Here at the Cruxart we take creating the best tattoos seriously.  These etiquette guidelines are here to help provide a fun & clean atmosphere and our clients with the best experience.  We are also trying to minimize the distractions so your tattoo artist can concentrate on your permanent art.  Thank you for your participation.


  • Please eat before you come to get tattooed.  If you would like to bring a non-alcoholic drink make sure it has a lid.

  • We operate in a very small studio.  Please refrain from brining more than one person with you while getting tattooed.  There are many fun activities in Saugatuck/Douglas area that the rest of your family and friends can do while you are being tattooed. 

  • We love kids/babies but they can be extremely distracting to both you and your tattoo artist.  Please schedule your tattoo time as “adult time.”

  • Know what you would like tattooed (or at least a general idea) before you schedule an appointment.

  • Our studio is not a bar, please do not wander in drunk and try to get a tattoo.  On that note, please do not wander in drunk and try to schedule a tattoo either.  Let’s call it “sober zone.” Since we are on the subject, I will mention if you are hung over your tattoo will hurt more.  

  • We understand that things come up and you may need to change the date of your tattoo.  In general, if you need to reschedule your appointment please let us know 48 hours in advance so we may try to rebook your time spot. 

  • Finally, relax and have fun.  Getting a tattoo should be a fun and memorable experience.  We hope you enjoy hanging out with us while we make your art.

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