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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some brief answers to common questions we are asked.  We will happily elaborate upon request. 

Do you have openings today?

Maybe.  Walk-in appointments are welcome to inquire.  Sometimes we do have availability the day of.  Feel free to call ahead to find out about upcoming openings.  Generally we encourage you to schedule an appointment in advance, especially if you would like custom art or have multiple people. 


How do I make an appointment? 

You can schedule an appointment by e-mailing us(contact page), or calling 269-857-3046, or walking into the studio.  Our hands are generally full therefore if you call, please leave a message and if you stop in be patient.




I have a bad tattoo.  Can you cover it up/fix it?

Cover-up tattoos are up to the artist digression.  Please set up a free consultation to discuss your options.


My fiancé and I want wedding ring tattoos...

Finger tattoos do not hold up well to the test of time.  As for your wedding ring tattoos, it’s a great idea but we are hoping your marriage last longer than your tattoo. Fingers tend to lack the collagen needed to retain the dye.  They are definitely not a great choice for a first tattoo.  It's best to know what you're getting into with this.  The pictures on the web are great moments in time, and as we age, the art can only be as good as the skin.  

Do you tattoo with white ink? 

Yes, we use white ink in combination with other ink colors.  We do not create tattoos solely using white ink.  These tattoos are currently a fad and the art itself does not hold up well over time.  The can also tend to turn brown over time.  (attracts pigmentation like a freckle)


Do you sell piercing jewelry?

Crux Art is a tattoo only studio.  We do not offer piercing or body jewelry.  Sorry for any inconvince this may cause you. 


Does it hurt?


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